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Yeah if a creep asks me my number I'll probably punch him imma just do this to mah friends as a prank.

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MomI got supended... | You know this means no phone & interent for a month? Anyway, what did you do? | I slapped a kid... | What?! Why? | She said Twilight was better then Harry Potter. | THAT'S MY GIRL!!!

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Heart Waffle Iron

dont swipe 11 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Be Allowed to Text 18 -

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I don't know why but this made me laugh so hard that i choked

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Dating Advice Books: The Truth About What Works

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22 Perfect Responses To Wrong Number Texts

I once spent a whole night playing the Star Trek Anniversary game on an old Macintosh in my dad's music studio and I think that sums up my life pretty well.

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the dude who replied to danny is dumb cuz even if he text's danny that he threw his phone how the hell will danny read it if he threw his phone? LOL

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