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The South... Where the last "g" is silent in about 99.9% of words. Just sayin'.☆.•*´¨`*•• Southern dialect /charm /speech

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southern quotes | southern for "stop being mean" :) My granny goose, Grammy, and momma said it to me... I say it to carter and soon sawyer I'm sure!

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When a Southern Person says 'With all due respect' It means 'You can Kiss my ass'.

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Northern Me: Once upon a time, a gentleman spotted a lady across a crowded ballroom floor, and . . . Southern Me: Y'all ain't gonna believe this . . . I met {insert desirable male name} when I dropped my . . .

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Classic Southern Phrases Everyone Should Be Using

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I finally figured out why a certain southern family member always saying "Bless Your Heart" to me always made me feel awkward. ~ still makes me laugh.

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Classic Southern Phrases Everyone Should Be Using

We all love the south for various reasons, but a big one is because of the wonderful analogies and colloquialisms that are used there....

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