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I'm feeling fabulous, happy & healthier than shit (how I felt when I ate dairy & meat...shit) being vegan is the ultimate way to live

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17 Funny Vegan & Vegetarian Tee-Shirts That Will Prompt A Conversation

Ever since I stopped eating animals, I've developed a curious new online shopping habit. I tell myself it's because I'm looking for the perfect image to accompany a story about veganism and vegetarianism, but that's just an excuse. I'm really just en

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Those people are not open for the trueth, because the trueth would tell them to change and they can't handle the guilt of the damage they've done... So they keep doing things to feel guilty about. Pure. Ignorence.

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speech 6 to stay in the vegan loop! Laughter is the healthiest activity you can do!

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Artio on

the most difficult part of being vegan is waking up at 5 am to milk the almonds #vegan funny

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restaurant options ... need a drink while you watch everyone mauling on animal parts and secretions.... clueless as I once was... waking up to reality

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