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Leather Furniture Care 101: How to Protect and Clean Quality Leather Sofas Adding a quality leather sofa or set to your living room? High quality leather furniture is an excellent investment. It’s looks great...

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Paintedlove care instructions for Annie sloan furniture.

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Guehne-Made - Kansas City | Home Remodeling | Home Styling | Custom Woodworks | Custom Furniture: Succulents for the Home + Care Instructions

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Learn How to Restore Leather Furniture

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41 Best Homemade Cleaner Recipes

Best Natural Homemade DIY Cleaners and Recipes - All Purposed Home Care and Cleaning with Vinegar, Essential Oils and Other Natural Ingredients For Cleaning Bathroom, Kitchen, Floors, Laundry, Furniture and More

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I have a smelly (but stunning) antique hutch. After researching the best way to deodorize it, here's what I found. I tested vinegar, baking soda, kitty litter and an onion. The results are interesting and with some patience, I found out that combining the baking soda with kitty litter worked the best. Who knew!?

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How to get gross smells out of old furniture

how to get gross smells out of old furniture, cleaning tips, garages, painted furniture

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Learn How to Restore Leather Furniture

WOW! I had no idea how to restore leather furniture, but this makes it look so easy. I can't wait to try it on my couch!

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How to Care for Salvaged or Unsealed Wood Furniture

How-to-care-for-Unsealed,-Raw,-or-Salvaged-Wood-Furniture, plus an easy to make natural solution to use to clean it. #furniture care #furnituremakeovers

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20+ Creative Ideas and DIY Projects to Repurpose Old Furniture

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Hot Tub & Spa Care Info-graphic. how to take care of your hot tub spa.

Hot Tub & Spa Care Info-graphic. how to take care of your hot tub spa.

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How to Refinish Furniture

This is actually a really excellent guide on restoring old furniture. How to Refinish Furniture Without Stripping

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15 Wood Floor Hacks Every Homeowner Needs to Know

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