~Las noches tendrían que ser para descansar, no para torturarnos con pensamientos y recuerdos.~

Girl on the roof of a future city, cyberpunk scifi scene inspiration

underwater city / fantasy / sci fi / industrial / futuristic / fairy tale

The Art Of Animation I love this idea, a city in the ocean, half above water, half below.

CyBerBabe, Jacek Babinski on ArtStation at…

ArtStation - CyBerBabe, Jacek Babinski Image is based upon cyberpunk 2077 a really cool looking cyberpunk game getting made by CD Pojekt Red, a well renowned game developer that made the witcher series

Neo-Shinjuku by Jenovah-Art  please "like" us on facebook.com/noizenews and check out noizenews.com!

Sci-fi dystopia art is one of my favorite things on DA. The amount of detail is incredible, and you feel like you’re actually looking into a futur. The Art of Dystopia

Concept Art Cyber warrior

Concept Art Cyber warrior