Frankie B Galaxy Jeans
Love the fact that they are galaxy jeans. Rather than leggings<3<< I NEED THESE SO BAD IM GONNA DIE
Galaxy leggings, loving the pop of color they bring :) Looks awesome!
Prudence and Austere: Welcome to My Galaxy (DIY Galaxy Pants) // great way to refashion a pair of old jeans if you're into outerspace'd clothing
My 13 year old niece wants these!  Good thing she's tiny.  On anyone else (like her aunt) the galaxy would look life-sized.
Take your jeans to an intergalactic level with DIY galaxy pants.
DIY Galaxy Pants I have made myself a pair of these and they turned out great! The paints and colours all worked well together and still haven't faded after many washes.
Whoooaaa there's a galaxy in your crotch...not something you hear everyday hahaha ;)
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with a sleeveless button up
Galaxy Short Tutorial!! #DIY
Galaxy pants, yes, no? I'll like them for now :)
Lush Galaxy Joggers from Beloved Shirts