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Article: “Alien Planets May Not Need Big Moons to Support Life” and Rare Space-Art Gallery | Take a Quick Break

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17 Ways We're Still Living In The '90s

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Nebula Images: Astronomy articles:... Nebula Images: Astronomy articles: nebula nebulae space nasa apod hubble images hubble telescope kepler telescope stars

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drained-colored by sewer-pancake on deviantART textures and andromeda galaxy from nasa

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The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51A or NGC 5194) and (M51B or NGC 5195, left). The Whirlpool Galaxy is a grand-design spiral galaxy, interacting with NGC 5195, a dwarg galxy. Both galaxies are located 23 ± 4 million light-years away in Canes Venatici.

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