90's crashbandicoot. I still remember playing with my lil bro, ah memories. I taught him how to play nintendo at 3yrs old lol

Crash Aku-Aku Mask | Tee

If you recognize this guy from the Playstation game Crash Bandicoot, then congratulations! You had an awesome childhood! Party with Wampa's own Aku-Aku Mask.

best. game. ever

Crash Bandicoot 1 and 2

Crash Bandicoot (Sony PlayStation Greatest Hits UPC: 711719490029 Condition: Good - Pre-owned. Game Disc and Paper Sleeve Only.

From the game Crash Bandicoot. Crocodile Dingo Hybrid DINGODILE!!

Crash Bandicoot Dingodile by Dreekzilla