ArtStation - Environmental design , Hou Yu

I absolutely love landscapes and anything nature. It amazes me how this artist just creates miniature worlds. I love how the trees and element are stacked to create depth.

【游戏美术素材】俄罗斯手游《石器大冒险》可爱Q版UI素材/场景元素/房屋/地表 ★ Find more at

游戏美术素材/ui素材/可爱q版场景元素/房屋 地表【石器大冒险】

The Visual Guide for Multiplayer Level Design, Bobby Ross. Chapter 3: Tactics A.

Chapter 3: Tactics

How over the course of history the paying customer evolved from simple begininnings to the complex and global system of today

Using Gamification to Engage Your Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that of Forbes’ Global 2000 have plans to use Gamification? Gamification has quickly become a super trend in marketing, customer engagement and employee retention.

Games for Impact: The transformational game development process #gaming #gbl

Looks like this might be helpful in guiding a team through the transformational game development process.