End of year awards have been added to this growing bundle of faculty meeting fun!  Use these activites to ease stress and take a break from professional development.  Customize the awards or use the templates included.The "Would You Rather" game includes custom silly questions that only a teacher would understand.
The fill in the blanks game is a great ice breaker game to get everyone involved and participating.
Ice Breaker Games
Pass the Clap - A Fun Game! This is a game with many benefits in the classroom, and plenty of giggles, too!
This would be a very fun activity the first week of school! Teacher says a statement (ex. Switch sides if you like hot dogs more than pizza.) and the students either stay or move. The kids could also talk about why they did/didn't move. Fun back to school ice breaker!
HOT Family game ice breaking save the penguin knock ice toy mini set,kid's funny game Make The Penguin fall Off table game toy #Affiliate
Learning with M&Ms: learning across the curriculum and beyond - Julieverse
Group Icebreaker Game  Games to Break the Ice
A "getting to know you game" for a large group of people.  This was a hit at our recent Relief Society Meeting.