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7 Bible Verse Activities for Kids - These are such fun, hands on activities for kids to practice any Bible verse! These work for any kids that are reading (1st-6th grade). Great for Sunday School Lessons!!

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4 Games to Help Kids Think Critically about Vocabulary

4 Games to Help Kids Think Critically about Vocabulary: each of these games forces students to look past the definition and think about what a real world application is.

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4 Games to Help Kids Think Critically about Vocabulary

It is really helpful if teachers make name cards or vocabulary cards for children in class. Children will pay more attention to teachers while they are teaching with vocabulary cards. It is easy to memorize and use it in writing or speaking.

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Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

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My lil cinnamon roll Sherlock smiling at his godchild

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Flip Ten game with Uno cards. Line up cards in 4 rows of 5. Flip two cards over. If the sum of the two cards equals 10, the player gets to keep the cards. Great idea for small group math.

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10 Games to Play with any Vocabulary Words

Practice math, science or reading vocabulary words with these fun games! They can be played with any list of words. Perfect for centers. Lots of FREEBIES are included!

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FREEBIE - Division Bump Games Freebie from Games 4 Learning - Kids love Bump games!!!

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