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Railroad section gang — including common workers sometimes called "gandy dancers" — responsible for maintenance of a particular section of railway. Photo 1917


Gandy Dancer State Trail - Southern Segment - biking. This 98-mile interstate trail crosses into Minnesota and then back again into Wisconsin on its way from St. Croix Falls to its connection with the Saunders State Trail just south of Superior. In Wisconsin, the trail is maintained and managed by Polk, Burnett and Douglas counties. The Minnesota DNR manages the section of the Gandy Dancer trail in Minnesota.


Gandy Dancers 1973. men working with cross ties, aligning the track, and spiking. The film focuses on the changes brought about by mechanization of railroad building. The film is part of the Burton Schrader collection in East Tennessee State University, Archives of Appalachia.


The Gandy Dancers ( Gandy Dancers) (Paperback)

The Gandy Dancers ( Gandy Dancers) (Hardcover)