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How to Seal Around Garage Doors for Mouse Proofing

When it gets cold outside, mice seek warmth and food, and your garage often offers both. If your garage is attached to your house, once in your garage, mice can easily enter the rest of your home. ...

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Garage Door Threshold Seals

Garage Door Threshold Seals help keep out rain, snow, leaves, rodents...and it installs in minutes! More durable than door mounted weatherstripping, our floor mounted, precision engineered vinyl Garage Door Threshold Seal provides a tight, long lasting barrier between your garage door bottom and floor. The weight of the garage door presses down on the threshold seal, filling the gap and preventing dirt, leaves, water, and critters from getting under the door and into your garage.

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Xcluder Rodent Block Garage Door Seals. This weather seal sold by is designed to keep rodents out of your garage. Many people that have dealt with the issue of mice, rats, snakes in the garage know how serious the situation is. If your garage door bottom has the same T-Shaped grooves then this willl work. If not, North Shore can fix you up with an inexpensive, high quality retainer for you door that will be able to accomodate the Rodent Blocker Weather Stripping.

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Just cut this Triple Draft Seal from @theduckbrand to size and slide it on to seal the gap on the bottom of your entry doors.

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P-End Garage Door Bottom Seal

Stop Draft Seals and Bottom Retainers : Threshold for garage doors, keeps water from seeping in. $4.99 per foot

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