All you need is plywood & string lights to create this simple but classic Halloween decoration.

Halloween Garage Door Silhouette

I love Halloween, and I& been looking for an excuse to try out the Dremel tool my husband gave me. I thought an eerie Halloween scene covering my garage door

Halloween garage door spiderweb

By using some electrical tape create a cool spider web across your garage door for Halloween. You can add a little dangling spider for extra spookiness!

These are reusable outside!

These bats are cut from waterproof foam. Use masking tape to hang these light weight bats outside on the siding of your house, or indoors. They are water resistant & can be reused. The largest bat measures approx.

Halloween Forum member bat swarm. Foam sheet bats cut out..glued tiny magnets to back..attach to garage door. Simple, inexpensive, great idea!

Bat Swarm: foam sheet bats cut out.glued tiny magnets to back.attach to garage door. Simple and inexpensive

Skellington Halloween Garage Door Decoration

50 Best Halloween Door Decorations for 2016

Halloween Garage Door Decor Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown from Nightmare Before Christmas Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Haunted House

This is a great doorstep decoration idea for Halloween. Yes, it's a bit gruesome, but anyone who has seen the Wizard of Oz will get it - and it's not nearly as macabre as some of the other decorations I've seen. Corpses on the lawn anyone?

Halloween Party Hacks For A Scarier Holiday

Wizard of oz party Pool Noodle + Dollar Tree tights and old black shoes = Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! I would change this to black and white tights with red shoes for a Wizard of Oz theme.