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How to Make an Outdoor Garbage Can Shed

Garbage cans are ugly perched against the side of your home, so why not build your own shed to conceal them and still provide easy access? With basic woodworking you can build a custom garbage shed to hide trash cans perfectly. This is a free-standing shed that fits 3 trashcans; there are 3 lids & 2 doors with an open back.


The garbage can shed built over the weekend to stop pesky critters. Less than $250, out of 2x4 and 1x4 pressure treated lumber. Measures 56" wide by 40" tall by 34" deep. I will never again have to clean up trash strung around by vermin!


Triple Picket Wheelie Bin Store

outdoor garbage can storage...Kevin can build at the end of the driveway for those new ugly cans the city provided.