Garden warbler (Sylvia borin) is small,common,widespread; breeds in most of Europe & western Asia. It's plain, long-winged/long-tailed typical warbler w/ brown upperparts & dull white underparts. Its two subspecies differ slightly & interbreed where their ranges overlap. Lack of distinguishing features-->can be confused with a number of other unstreaked warblers.It's melodic song is similar to the blackcap, its closest relative-->competes with it for territory when nesting in the same…

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Black-and-white Warbler I had this bird in my outdoor water garden taking a bath. In Cable, Wi.

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"The mother garden warbler (Sylvia borin) has five hungry mouths demanding attention – and food – and what big mouths too! Somehow, each gaping red mouth seems to be almost as big as the rest of the baby bird."

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