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Gary Clark Jr. @ Humphreys 8/2/16. His performance is just mesmerizing. Love watching him do his thing


Gary Oldman played a very bad villian in this movie! "THE PROFESSIONAL"! Stansfield


November 26 1982 Princess Diana Gets A Rewiring. It Didn't Matter To Three-year-old Gary Johnson That His Visitor Was The Princess Of Wales - He Wanted Her Blue Hat. So Without Further Ado He Reached Out And Firmly Tugged At The Veil As The Laughing Princess Put Her Hand To Her Head. The Encounter Happened At Maelor Hospital In Wrexham Which The Prince And Princess Toured On The Second Day Of Their Visit To Wale


Cary Grant in ("North by Northwest") in 1959. Directed Alfred Hitchcock, produced by Herbert Coleman. Cary played Roger Thornhill.


gary many movies tht I've seen wit him! Sirius Black is the one he's sexiest in! HP fans knw wht I'm talkn bout!


The purpose of this book is to present the case against sugar— both sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup—as the principal cause of the chronic diseases that are most likely to kill us, or at least accelerate our demise, in the twenty-first century. Its goal is to explain why these sugars are the most likely suspects, and how we arrived at the current situation: a third of all adults are obese, two-thirds overweight, almost one in seven is diabetic, and one in four to five will die of cancer…