I side with Gary Johnson! Take the quiz and see who you should vote for come November. The answer may surprise you.

Based on my political beliefs, I side the most with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Smaller government means more opportunity for everyone involved. Gary Johnson, 2016.

Smaller government means more opportunity for everyone involved. Gary Johnson, Republican vs democrat , the never ending war, no one is going to win.

Somewhere, in a secure, undisclosed location, lurks the last living moderate. They fit this chart quite well.

This graphic shows what libertarians believe in the simplest way possible and that's what makes it so perfect. It's a great way to quickly explain the Libertarian Party platform to people.

Gary Johnson 2016- visit garyjohnson2016.com

Please submit and upvote information about Gary Johnson like crazy. I'm not even a Libertarian, but I'm so terrified of a Trump-Clinton choice. So many Americans are dissatisfied with the current candidates. Johnson's name out there!

Gary Johnson Must be in Debates - http://www.richardcyoung.com/politics/election-2016/gary-johnson-must-debates/ - Emily Ekins is a research fellow and director of polling at the Cato Institute. Cato Institute’s director of polling, Emily Ekins, explains to Americans exactly what must happen to get the Libertarian party’s Gary Johnson into the debates. I have been writing in support of a multi-party system fo...

On The Issues offers insights on presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s views on education. No student loans; they cause higher tuition: Q: How would your p

Gary Johnson's religion and political views

Gary Johnson’s Religion and Political Views

Being Libertarian. but, i can't. stop. laughing.  at what Scott D. said:  "Gary Johnson needs the free market to create him some eyebrows"

Being Libertarian. at what Scott D. said: "Gary Johnson needs the free market to create him some eyebrows"

Free to Plunder: The Case Against Gary Johnson and Libertarianism | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson says he was having an "Aleppo moment" when he was unable to name a favorite foreign leader during an interview on MSNBC Wednesday night.

A new poll performed by the Johnson/Weld campaign displays how the current political landscape is strengthening the numbers of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. The poll proposes questions not often asked of voters, and tests how Johnson would do in an individual matchup against both Trump and Clinton.

Former GOP congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has run for President multiple times both as a Republican and as a Libertarian, and today he’s not happy with either

Whether you disagree with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, you will find something objectionable in Gary Johnson's views, too.

Why You Shouldn't Vote for Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson

Libertarians nominated a two-term governor. Republicans are nominating a reality-show personality. Which is the party of oddball misfits?

EXCLUSIVE: Gary Johnson: Clarifying my views on religious freedom, Mormons

FILE - In this May 2016 file photo, Libertarian presidential candidate, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson speak with legislators at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City.

Meet Gary Johnson's Money Men | Alternet | "Johnson's supporters are leading enemies of the environment and public education." And drum roll please: The Koch Brothers. Don't be fooled by his stance regarding marijuana legalization. He's not to be trusted. The only REAL candidate of the people running is Jill Stein. Click to read and share the disgusting truth about Gary Johnson.

The Union Leader of New Hampshire broke an tradition of backing GOP presidential picks endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson.