Gary Sinise--I don't like him on CSI; I like him a lot more in good movies than that crappy show (NY is the worst one in my opinion)

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Gary Sinise - CSI New York! I adore him. All the time he spends with our veterans and their families is precious. He is so passionate and I love a man who loves helping people.

Good guy Gary Sinise. He came to my college last summer to do a concert for a wounded soldier. They raised money to build him a house that he could live in that was handicap accessible.

Good guy Gary Sinise…

Funny pictures about Good guy Gary Sinise. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy Gary Sinise. Also, Good guy Gary Sinise.

Interview: Gary Sinise

Actor Gary Sinise is performing with the Lt. Dan Band this Father's Day to benefit our Military and Veterans

Bild Gary Sinise

Bild Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders mit Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise - Of Mice and Men..currently watching and swooning over this man

Gary Sinise - Of Mice and Men - he did a great job acting in and directing the movie - JP

Gary-Sinise./.....Seriously a fine actor, and I miss CSI-NY.  It was an excellent show and miss it.

Seriously a fine actor, and I miss CSI-NY. It was an excellent…

I haven't seen this one other!  ----  Gary Sinise - never saw this one.. I kind of like the beard! :) - JP

Wallpaper and background photos of Gary for fans of Gary Sinise images.

Actor and show co-host Gary Sinise onstage during the 27th National Memorial Day…

Actor and show co-host Gary Sinise onstage during the National Memorial Day…

Funny how often I actually see Gary all over bases, carriers, medical fac's, just hanging out and bringing food and stuff to disabled and Limdu personnel... It's actually become normal.

Gary Sinise is a role model for me. He's in a class by himself. Loved by soldiers, admired by colleagues, respected by all - Gary Sinise is as much a hero as any warrior.

actor-gary-sinise-photographed-in-july-2004-for-self-assignment-in-picture-id479420053 826×1,024 pixels

actor-gary-sinise-photographed-in-july-2004-for-self-assignment-in-picture-id479420053 826×1,024 pixels

Lt. Dan Taylor (Gary Sinise) ~ Forrest Gump (1994) ~ Movie Stills

Forrest Gump

Gary Sinise,actor and musician b. March 17,1955.

A man is at the center of the image looking at the camera. He is dressed in Vietnam War-era military attire including a vest and helmet. He has a cigarette sitting on his lips and is wearing a backpack.