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1896 Riker Electric Tricycle - Andrew L. Riker produced his 1st electric car in 1894 and built electric vehicles in Elizabethport, New Jersey until the company was absorbed by the Electric Vehicle Company in 1902. Riker gained acclaim for his development of high speed electric cars culminating w/ his 'Riker Torpedo' that set a world's record for speed (57mph) in 1901. In 1902 Riker then became vice-president of Locomobile, a gas powered marque. This car has a 1hp, 40v, electric motor.

LoveFirePlaces, the online fire and fireplaces company based in the UK, announced the launch of new contemporary Marble Stone Fireplace packages range for living room. Gallery Marble Fireplace packages offers integrated and modern solution for Heating as well as Decor. Gallery Marble fireplace packages will allow homeowners to luxuriate with roaring flame in style. These full fireplace setups comprise of Ultra modern fireplaces collection Back and Hearth Panels, Electric Fire, Gas Fire,

Thomas Edison on a Studebaker Electric (1903). Studebaker was the only car company to make the transition from building wagons and horse-carriages to automobiles. Studebaker made electric cars from 1903-1911 before turning to gas engines.

1911 Franklin Model D Torpedo Phaeton - When engineer John Wilkinson and former newspaper publisher Herbert H. Franklin joined forces in 1901, the result was the most long-lived and successful air-cooled automobile in America. Franklins were made in Syracuse, New York from 1902-1934; the Great Depression being responsible for its demise. The Model D here has a 6 cyl., 38hp engine, a wooden chassis and gas / electric lighting.