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Lead actors Johnny Huang Jing-yu & Xu Wei-zhou in the Chinese gay web series "Shang Yin 上瘾" (literally "Addicted" in English), which was unfortunately banned due to its gay theme by censorship of the State Administration of Radio, TV & Films.
"The Outs" | 6 Stand Out Gay Web Series Of 2012
Top 10 Indian Web Series on Same Sex Love Relationships : WebSeries with Gay & Lesbian Characters   Digital Entertainment Sites have come up with a lot of Bold content lately in the form of Web Series as the content does not have to face censorship like Films and TV Shows. Most of these WebSeries have intimate love making and kissing scenes. There are even some Web Series exclusively on Same sex love and relationships. Given below is my Top 10 list of Indian Web Series that has Gay and…
“Caleb Gallo” Is A New Gay Web Series That’s Worth Your Time
Gay Web Series ‘Last Will & Testicle’ Explores Life with One Ball – WATCH
I wasn't gonna pin this but then I saw the picture
"Jenifer Lewis and Shangela" | 6 Stand Out Gay Web Series Of 2012
Heroin Web Series
#TheHorizon is the most watched #gay #Web #Series in world! Catch it now for rental or purchase on #REVRY
I wish the web series last until the haiyin wedding in book 2. But when did this photo was taken? Is it photoshop?? Oh, I don't care! A picture of their wedding! Fabolous!
Heroin aka Addicted Web series (Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou)
Missing American Horror Story: Coven, or just wishing it was less racist? You’re in luck! There’s a new coven in town, and it’s not only ran by witches of color, but queer ones! BRUJOS is a “queer-of-color web series that follows four gay Latino grad students that are also witches as they try and survive …
"Gay's Anatomy" | 6 Stand Out Gay Web Series Of 2012
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