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From a lost society.

writing prompt - You’re wandering across a barren wasteland and come across a town that used to be. As a scavenger, you naturally start digging through the rubble of an old library. You come across a mysterious book with writing on the cover in a language you don’t understand. The book says “Dictionary” and you find it’s filled with words and definitions from a lost society once known as “America”.

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Multiple meaning words may be easy to find online, but this selection is geared specifically for practicing speech therapy.

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1/12/17 Linda Bean fires back at anti-Trump bullies fueling L.L. Bean boycott, then Donald Trump weighs in

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Golden Celtic Heart Gears Key Necklace

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Build Bigger Biceps

Build bigger biceps with this one trick We have finally completed week 4, which means we are halfway through our 8 week program! Day 27 and 28 were active rest days, so you should be all rested and geared up to hit it hard! Today we start week 5 and we are starting it off with Triceps and Abs. Today we have...Read More »

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A simple, poignant guide for reading body language. This is geared toward learning specific cues and their meanings, as opposed to a more general approach. Great for practice points to focus on each day.

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