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I learned something a new word today; I'm a 'Taurini;' born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. I knew that already, duh, but I never knew there was a name for us! Typically, I just read whatever the certain horoscope says I am (Taurus or Gemini)...sometimes May 21 isn't listed, or I'll read both and decide which one i like more-ha!

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But I'm sure as duck not a liar so John I have all the answers so I know why cris said I fabracting stories excuse I know why cris said she was stopping jade talking to me so I know why cris said she was afraid of me when I never raised a finger to her I have alk the answers I'll give you one answer day I meet you I'm going to break every bone in your lying twisted body and that's a fact

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GEMINI ZONE - I'm not typical then. I become reclusive and work on healing what brought on sad. However, I'm prone to being positive so sustaining positivity is natural and happens with speed.

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I don't read horoscopes.. They never agree and they are just.. But this one... this is me..

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Zodiac Aries Facts. |

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