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Millions of years ago, some plants in the mustard family made the switch from simple leaves to complex leaves through two tiny tweaks to a single gene. One tweak to a small enhancer sequence gave the gene a new domain of expression in the leaf. Paradoxically, the other tweak sub-optimised its function in this new domain. But together, these changes gave rise to fit plants with complex leaves.

The Pangenome: Researchers are abandoning the concept of a list of genes sequenced from a single individual, instead aiming for a way to describe all the genetic variation within a species.

Gene Kelly.


I want to be like Cyd Charisse. Remember the green dancer in Singing In The Rain? Thats her. One of the most talented dancers I have ever seen. Her legs are amazing!


Only the best dance routine ever. one of my favorite dance scenes in a film. can't help but smile. I wish movies like SITR were still made and that Gene Kelly was still alive and dancing!


Scientists Have Found That Memories Can Be Passed Down Through Generations In Our Genes saying it's a possible explanation for phobias. Could our DNA be carrying spiritual and mystical memories passed down in genes from the experiences of our ancestors? Does something such as spiritual evolution find its way into the genetic sequence and carry over into the next generation?