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20 iconic tattoo shops around the world

20 iconic tattoo shops around the world | Matador Network #iconic_tattoo_studios #chinese_tattoo #hong_kong_on_the_map

have no Idea what created or built these WOMDs. (Weapons Of Mass Destruction)

DISCRETE MATHEMATICS : Includes Josephus problem. Manipulating sums. General methods for manipulating sums. Floors and ceilings. Mod: the binary operation. Divisibility and primes. Relative primality. Congruences. Basic number theory identities. Generating functions. Stirling/Harmonic numbers. Fibonacci numbers. Basic generating function maneuvers. Solving recurrences. Convolutions, etc.


In mathematics, the Lebesgue differentiation theorem is a theorem of real analysis, which states that for almost every point, the value of an integrable function is the limit of infinitesimal averages taken about the point. The theorem is named for Henri Lebesgue. The theorem has spiritual properties as well. This portion of the proof for the theorem may be used as a quickener for generating a beam of consciousness. You are a mathematical hologram.

SWBK designed the integral yet compact home electornic, OXY. It carries the function of air humnifier and oxygen generator. When its assembled as one piece, its integral, but once its disassembled, the sub body turns into personal oxygen generator. For more information:


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