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The Jewish community is affected disproportionately by genetic disorders, such as Tay Sachs Disease, compared with the general population as a whole. Our grant will fund a diagnostic and support signposting toolkit which will be invaluable in providing healthcare and welfare professionals with key information.

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Ciliopathies are multi-systemic genetic disorders caused by dysfunctional or defective cilia. These rare and complex syndromes affect most organs of the body, causing kidney and liver disease, obesity and diabetes, mental retardation, blindness, deafness, chronic respiratory infections, infertility and skeletal malformations. Our grant funded the first national conference for those affected by this group of conditions.

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A Rare Genetic Disorder Is Stalking the Children of the Navajo Nation In POV's 'Sun Kissed,' Premiering Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012, on PBS

A Rare Genetic Disorder Is Stalking the Children of the Navajo Nation In POV's 'Sun Kissed,' XP where exposure to sun causes cancer, Long Walk was bottleneck

Download Genetic Disorders and the Fetus 7th Edition Pdf For Free - By Aubrey Milunsky,Jeff M Milunsky

Marfan Syndrome: Recognizing and living with a rare genetic disorder.
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Herefordshire Learning Disability Trust is based at a special school in Hereford that has pupils with a variety of genetic disorders. Our grant allowed 17 children with genetic disorders and 13 able-bodied young people to attend a summer club offering a wide spectrum of sporting and arts and crafts activities.

Progeria, the "Aging Disease"

Laymen have called it the “aging disease,” but the correct medical term is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. The medical community generally refers to it as progeria. The word Progeria comes from the Greek progeros, meaning 'prematurely old'. Progeria is a rare, progressive, genetic disorder causing children to age rapidly.