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Using Permaculture Methods to Create a Backyard Oasis

Trying to garden in a dry region? Think it can’t be done? Geoff Lawton will beg to differ. Using permaculture methods he and his team created a green oasis in the middle of a Jordan desert. Adapt some of these permaculture methods for use in your small garden!


Wonderful tour of a real permaculture food forest with all the bells and toys, also a research facility. Geoff Lawton's Zaytuna Farm Video Tour (Apr/May 2012) - Ten Years of (R)Evolutionary Design


Designing 5 Acres on a Budget. Geoff Lawton gives you a detailed masterclass in how he developed his 5 acre farm into a paradise on a budget...


Wondering what Permaculture is all about? Here’s Geoff Lawton speaking and outlining his vision at a TED Talk delivered at Ajman, United Arab Emirates earlier this year. In this 18 minute presentation Geoff explains to his audience how Permaculture works with nature to enrich us all.