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Strand: Geography Topic: Places and Regions Literature: Where do I live? by Neil Chesanow Relates: This relates to social studies because it is very important for children to understand their place in the world.


FREE 7 Continents Book

Here is a FREE 7 Continents book. This super handy FREE printable book will teach kids the names of all 7 continents, where they are on a map, and


Continents Fact Files Printable - Geography Printables

Teaching geography helps - continent fact files and flash cards for children to write down important continent information, from


Seven Continents for Kids: Activities for Learning


FREE Visual Guide to Landforms

Only Passionate Curiosity has a FREE Visual Guide to Landforms to go with her landforms pack. You can get both packs on her site for free. Click here for


Best Geography Apps and Games for Children

Is there such a concept as geography for kids? These traveling moms and bloggers think so. They've put together a HUGE collection of the best geography apps and games for children. I think you'll find some toys and activities thrown in there too!


How to Teach Geography with Continent Boxes

How to Teach Geography with Continent Boxes, DIY Montessori Continent Boxes, A multi-sensory approach to learning with kids, Multi-Culture ideas with kids