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Richard Sweeney; Modules. 2010. Slipcast white earthenware (unglazed). A body of sculptural pieces produced using slip-cast ceramic. Modules are cast from plaster moulds, which were taken from facted forms, folded from sheet plastic. Surfaces are made using slip-cast, earthenware slabs, which are manipulated and cut by hand.


bernardodias: [Toby Ziegler]’s paintings and sculptures engage with ideas of the exotic and synthetic. Fabricating his images and sculptural blueprints on a computer, traditional motifs such as landscapes, still lifes, and cultural artefacts are removed from the familiarity of popular consciousness and reconfigured as templates of abstracted information.

from Design Milk

Geometric Sculptural Paintings by Zin Helena Song


Australian artist Nike Savvas recently premiered many of her new works in a solo exhibition, entitled Liberty and Anarchy, at Leeds Art Gallery in the UK.