Geometric sequence calculator

Arithmetic and geometric sequences reference sheet - recursive and explicit formulas with practice

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(12) Task CardsTopics Covered:1) Determine the common ratio of geometric sequences2) Recognize non-linear patterns of geometric sequences.3) Find the nth term of an geometric sequence, using a formula.Task cards are a very flexible resource. They can be used as a whole class, in math learning centers, as individual practice, as review for a chapter/test, and more!BONUS MATERIALS2) Video LessonsVideo #1 Introduces students to geometric sequences and how to calculate the common…

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Mike Amanita i'm not sure what this means...but i love the progression and the use of black and red

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides interactive online math lessons, activities, and assessments. Topics include fractions, functions, geometric transformations, integer arithmetic, patterns and sequences, probability, right triangle trigonometry, slope, triangle geometry, and writing equations of lines. Calculate what an excavation company should charge for digging a hole. Analyze three pollution reduction plans. Determine the best rate for repaying a loan.

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