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Muchos de los Maestros ya están de vacaciones o pronto lo estarán y qué mejor momento para reflexionar sobre todo lo que hicimos en el año escolar 2016 y cómo podemos retroalimentar y mejorar para

Se dice que sólo cuatro pedagogos del siglo XX revolucionarion la crianza de los niños. Son el americano John Dewey, el alemán Georg Kerschensteiner, la italiana Maria Montessori y el pedagogo de la entonces Union

America: Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley. Additional personnel: George Martin (piano); David Dickey (bass guitar); Willie Leacox (drums, percussion).

Baldwin Parker with his wife, Nora Acquitsaketah-Parker, and their three sons - Comanche - no date {Note: Baldwin Parker was the son of Quanah Parker and Chonie.}

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Ultimate fixer-upper: Historic warship built in the 1890s goes on sale (she just needs a $20m refurbishment... before she sinks)

US gun crew, 1898, on USS Olympia. The cruiser was in service from 1895-1922. It is most famous as the vessel commanded by Commodore George Dewey in 1898 at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. 'You may fire when you are ready, Gridley,' was famously uttered by Dewey during the battle which saw the Spanish bombarded into defeat.

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Chief Dewey Beard or Wasu Maza ('Iron Hail', 1858-1955) was Minneconjou Lakota, fought in Battle of Little Big Horn as teenager. After George Armstrong Custer's defeat, Wasu Maza followed Sitting Bull into exile in Canada, then back to So Dakota, where he lived on Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. When he died in 1955, at age of 96, Dewey Beard was last known Lakota survivor of Battle of Little Big Horn, & last know survivor of Wounded Knee Massacre.

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USS Olympia (C-6) - this protected cruiser was Admiral George Dewey's flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay. Aboard this ship he uttered the famous command "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley," to Olympia's captain. Sadly, the ship is decaying at her wharf in Philadelphia for lack of funds. Current talk is that the ship will be towed away and scuttled at sea. A better fate would be to restore the ship and moor her in concrete like the Japanese have done with the contemporary…

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