What a scene. Beatles probably recording Hey Jude. George Harrison on his trusty rosewood telecaster.

George Harrison with his Fender Rosewood Telecaster, Let It Be sessions, early 1969 ““George had a pair of interesting presents to bring into the studio for the first sessions. One was a splendid Rosewood Telecaster guitar from Fender of America. The.

George and his custom rosewood Telecaster. I love that guitar...almost as much as I love Georgie. Almost.

George Harrison & his custom rosewood telecaster. as the lead guitarist, he never played an unnecessary note. In his solos and fills, George prized clarity and concision above all things - from 100 greatest guitarists: David Fricke's picks, rolling stone

george_harrison_rosewood_  telecaster_fender

Playing his Rosewood Telecaster, George on the roof in the cold for the Beatles' final concert.

The first Rosewood Telecaster was given to George Harrison as a gift from Fender to be used in the Beatles movie "Let It Be" 1969. Its production ran from 1969 to 1972

Fender Rosewood Telecaster - Oh good, this is full rosewood? must be producing really warm-soft tele sound!

George looking well cool

George Harrison - Imágenes poco vistas