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George Sand, real name: Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin (1804 - 1876) was a French writer and feminist. Her works included novels, plays literary and political comment pieces.

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George Sand (1804-1876): writer, feminist, and muse for Chopin, Flaubert and Proust. Secondary to her more significant achievements, Sand caused scandal in Paris by wearing clothes traditionally intended for men and smoking tobacco.

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19 juin 1833 : George Sand rencontre Musset... du 19 juin 2014

Le 19 juin 1833 George Sand rencontre Alfred de Musset lors d'un dîner. Il est de six ans son cadet. Elle le trouve snob, il lui trouve le teint olivâtre. Mais ils vont se revoir, et bientôt s'aimer et se haïr passionnément.

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George Sand par Mathilde Odier (05) - George Sand — Wikipédia

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Portrait of George Sand by Thomas Sully, 1826 - George Sand —

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