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Georgian is a South Caucasian or Kartvelian language spoken in Georgia, and also in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran. The Georgian language first appeared in writing in about 430 AD in an inscription in a church in Palestine in the Asomtavruli alphabet. Before then the main written language used in Georgia was a form of Aramaic known as Armazuli. 2 other alphabets have been used to write Georgian: Nushkhuri and Mkhedruli, which is the alphabet currently used.

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Fingerplays from A-Z

A collection of 40 Fingerplays with words and movements for your preschool or pre-k classroom. Enhance oral language, literacy, and more with fingerplays.

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Constructed Response

Constructed response is the heart of our new testing for the Georgia Milestones. I have been using these foldables to help my students really get good at the RACE method. In case you aren't familiar with it : Restate the Question Answer the Question Cite Text Evidence Edit This bundle comes with: Page 1- Cover Page 2-3 Info about my Interactive Notebook Foldables Page 4- Lesson on Constructed Response with clickable links, and information on how to teach your students Page 5- How to fold…


The Georgian scripts are the three writing systems used to write the Georgian language: Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli. The origins of the Georgian alphabet are poorly known and no full agreement exists among scholars as to its date of creation, who designed the script and the main influences on that process. The oldest uncontested example of Georgian script Asomtavruli as seen above, is found in the historic town of Nekresi in eastern Georgia, dated I-III centuries AD.


JACKIE ROBINSON FREEBIE SS2H1 GEORGIA HISTORICAL FIGURES - 2nd Grade Social Study standard SS2H1, is about Jackie Robinson and his contributions to the state of Georgia and our nation. This FREEBIE includes a character map about his characteristic traits.