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Georgina Baillie

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Andreas Siegfried "Andrew" Sachs was a British actor. Born in Berlin, he and his family immigrated to London in 1938 to escape persecution under the Nazis. Known for Manuel, Fawlty Towers Born: April 7, 1930, Berlin, Germany Died: November 23, 2016, Denville Hall, Northwood, London, United Kingdom Height: 5′ 4″ Spouse: Melody Lang (m. 1960–2016) Grandchildren: Brandon Sachs, Ally Sachs, Kay Sachs, Georgina Baillie


Georgina Baillie with Adam Ant - Live at the Mayan theater, LA, 9-13-2012


Zipporah visits Egypt at the half full Moon. Cleopatra (Georgina Baillie AKA Georgie Girl) and Metal Extravaganza (some sort of icon representing all piratedom invented by Stuart Goddard AKA Adam Ant) draw the crowd. For full moons we will of course draw crowds with the ghost machine app. Presently, the masses are unaware they can hunt for ghosts.


Adam Ant Stands and Delivers his comeback with a greatest hits tour... and Sachsgate girl Georgina Baillie is with him

Comeback: Adam Ant announced his Greatest Hits tour with new band The Good, The Bad and the Lovely Posse, to begin in May, in London today