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German Longsword

A resource for historic arms and armor collectors with photo galleries, reviews, reference materials, discussion forums, a bookstore and a comparison tool.

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San Diego,CA, us

Alcala: German Longsword with Joachim Meyer - Scholars of Alcala - Renaissance Sword Fighting (San Diego, CA) - Meetup

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summer longsword pieces HD: "Altough things may seem different, in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) seeking bind was not the primary goal in an engagement. Why hit each other's blades when you can simply lure him/her into an elegant trap and hit your opponent's openings without blade contact? In this video we want to show you some excercises (no free fighting) how we practice such techniques (and some bonus activities). Enjoy!"

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Two early longswords, often referred to as great war swords, from the Lübeck Armoury, presumably late 13th to early 14th century. They are very similar in overall shape. The right one's point is lost.

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