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from LzyGmrs

The Division Players Are Getting Free Phoenix Credits This Weekend

The Division Beta Story Missions and Free Roam Gameplay HD) In this Video we complete all the story missions available in the division beta and then do ...

from Careers

Should You Get a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice?

When you co-sign a loan, you're essentially taking the loan on as if it was your own. It will go on your credit report, and the lender will come after you if the borrower doesn't pay. Co-signing a ...


Richard III Gets a Kingly Burial, on Second Try


In 2012, Harry Reid mentioned that one of Mitt Romney’s old partners reported that the Mittster hadn’t paid any taxes in a decade. Romney became so incensed that, in just a few weeks of effort, he released returns to prove it wasn't true. Romney...

from National Geographic News

Did the Vikings Get a Bum Rap?

This sixth-century helmet plaque shows two berserkers, one wearing a horned helmet and one in a wolf or bear mask. Photograph by Werner Forman, Universal Images Group, Getty Images


How to Avoid Phishing Scams

Nicole Beebe, the Melvin Lachman Distinguished Professor in Entrepreneurship and associate professor of information systems and cyber security in the UTSA College of Business discusses everything you need to know about hackers