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Simple Ways YOU Can Get Rich Slowly

Simple Ways YOU Can Get Rich Slowly. There are many different ways to gain control of your finances and get rich slowly. Start today!

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Good idea from the comments' section: "I only have 2 Canadian bank accounts but for the first one, I have 1 chequings account and 3 savings accounts. Basically they are for Bills, Short Term (Vacations or shopping spree), and Long Term Savings (Emergencies or Weddings/Down Payment for House). My 2nd bank account just has another Savings Account and GICs from an inheritance. I basically need to treat these many accounts as computer folders. "

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Why they chose a 30 year mortgage and pay more each month vs. a 15 year mortgage and pay off sooner...

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Which Personal-Finance Magazine is Best? A breakdown of magazines available in the USA, plus links to their websites.

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Bad Credit: Compare Unsecured, Secured, and Prepaid Credit Cards Online for 2013 - Get Rich Slowly

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The New Way to Get Rich Slowly. How the idea of becoming financially independent has changed due to income inequality indexed.