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Sand that never gets wet! Such a fun sensory activity for the kids. #babyfirst… More Más

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heart 3 | with his hair down you can see how much of a young and adorable cHILD HE IS. LIKE OHMYGOD. LET ME PROTECT YOU FROM ALL EVIL. PLEASE. I WILL ADOPT THE FLOOFY OWL.

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Getting wet plants One way to help with lawn drainage is simply to use plants that thrive in water and that drink up a lot of it. If your...

Use a mesh laundry pop-up bag for beach toys, and keep the sand where it belongs. Good tip to use talk/ baby powder to get off wet sand from skin.

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I developed a headcanon in which Juniper is the one who really really loves rain while Grover sort of hates getting wet because his fur is getting wet and he smells like a wet dog haha:D but he's still all up for that since it makes Juniper happy. also wow I think I get obsessed with hair a little bit - Viria

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Making a SPLASH but don't get wet!! Friendly Plastic and Alcohol inks

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Now I know how to keep that RV/Camper power cord off the wet ground. Just get a kids sand bucket, and cut some holes. Brilliant!

41 Tailgating Tips That Are Borderline Genius

Hang a paper towel roll using a bungee cord from the tent struts. Great way to keep the roll the roll handy but protects it from from falling on the ground and getting dirty and from getting wet if it starts raining! Love useful lil tips like these when we camp!