During one of the Saturday night ghost hunting events held by the Moundsville Prison, my wife, two other people we met during the event, and I were exploring the medical area of the prison (this particular shot was taken in what was described as the Psych Ward). This picture was taken with other random shots, some using night vision and others with a normal flash. After reviewing quite a few photos I noticed what seems to be a crouched figure in the left corner of the room. I

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I took this of my daughter one night and later realized a face behind the couch. There may also be one peeking around the corner. This was taken with an iPhone 4, at night, w no flash. I have not altered this photo in any way. My mother seems to think it looks like my father who has passed. I hear voices, kind of conversations, often. We just moved into the house

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FLOATING HUMAN FACE! Fabienne from Germany writes, "I am very interested in ghosts and spiritual things. After I have heard that you can find ghosts in pictures, I've looked at the photos I've taken. This picture was taken last November at the "St. Martins Umzug" from the Kindergarten of my son. Nearly in the middle on top of the picture can you see the dark face. I really don't know what it is, but it would have to be very tall, if this were a human."

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The Legend of the Black Freighter: dreamed of by a serving girl in a tavern. One day it will come, level the tavern and its obnoxious clientele if not the whole town... and then declare the serving girl Pirate Queen and sail over the horizon with her.

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Georgia - Looking at the wooded panorama, the visage of a person standing between the forked trees really stands out. Notice the shadows of trees in the photo are cast at an angle toward the right. The lines of the apparition do not follow this same pattern, indicating it was not caused by forest shadows and sunlight.

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