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The Gibson Girl began appearing in the 1890s and was the personification of the feminine ideal of beauty portrayed by the satirical pen-and-ink illustrations of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson during a 20-year period that spanned the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the United States. The artist saw his creation as representing the composite of "thousands of American girls."

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A modern Gibson Girl hairstyle. Gibson Girls were considered the "ideal women" of the early 1900's and were characterized by their extravagant hairstyles and tiny waistlines. I would just like to say that this hairstyle is sick. It's elegant, dramatic, and just plain fierce.

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Belgian-born actress Camille Clifford first became known when she won a magazine contest attempting to find the perfect hourglass embodiment of Gibson's "girl":

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vendimia de todos los días: Muchachas de Gibson - las mujeres más atractivas de todos los tiempos

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Charles Dana Gibson (14/9/1867-23/12/1944) was an American graphic artist, best known for his creation of the Gibson Girl, an iconic representation of the beautiful and independent American woman at the turn of the 20th Century.

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Gibson Girl - This was the ideal look of beauty portrayed by the pen and ink illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson. This spanned from the late 19th to the early twentieth century. The Gibson girl represented the composite of a thousand American girls.

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