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This month’s Education Update feature, “Six Strategies for Challenging Gifted Learners,” reminds us that high-ability students have unique needs, too.

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40 Sites To Bookmark if Your Child is Gifted

40 Sites To Bookmark if Your Child is Gifted Parents of a gifted and twice-exceptional (2E) children.... you're going to want to bookmark these pages!

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100 Games for Gifted Kids

Yes! You can challenge your gifted kids! With this list of 100 Games for Gifted kids.


3 Proven Ways to Differentiate Instruction for the Gifted Learner in a Data-Driven Society

How can you differentiate instruction for the gifted learner? Use these three proven ways to guide your instruction and you will see results!

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Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning Activity, A PBL

Let students learn how math concepts are connected to the real world as they design their own 3D TINY HOUSE! Area, perimeter, and geometry-- math is everywhere in this project based learning activity (PBL). Designing, creating, and problem solving are key features of this resource. Build a Tiny House! $


Gifted Education 101: Every teacher has students who are gifted in their classrooms. Whether they have been formally identified or not, they have academic and social needs which need to be met. I have started a series of posts on my blog about teaching students who are gifted and talented. Come and follow as I explain what teaching gifted students looks like in my classroom.

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PBL- Let the Class Solve World Problems

Can kids solve real life problems that affect our world? Sure! Why not? Many of you know the 7 sterile steps to PBL. How about adding a little more to the 7 steps? Here are a few ideas about how to...

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12 Lessons About Gifted Kids from Matilda

Matilda is a great book that gifted students can relate to. This site has many activities to go along with the book. *

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Gifted and Talented - Independent Study (Editable)

The purpose of this unit is for students to have the opportunity to complete an independent study with teacher guidance and assistance in developing the research content and product. Developed for a Gifted and Talented 7th and 8th grade independent study program.

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How to Encourage High-Level Thinking

Free Resource! What is an effective way to get your students thinking at a deeper level? Let me share what works well for my students on a blog post at Minds in Bloom! After you read the post and you think it will fit well with your class, there will be a link to download it for free! ROCKIN RESOURCES