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Gillian anderson husband

Alana Bloom + Bedelia Du Maurier: God forbid we become friendly. #savehannibal ..... over 75,500 signatures so far... sign the petition to save Hannibal at

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Gillian Anderson Hannibal season 3.........Over 79,700 signatures so far... Sign the petition to save Hannibal at

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'The Fall' creator on that Spector-Gibson interrogation scene

When writer/producer/director Allan Cubitt sat down to write the second season of The Fall, the hit BBC show that has made its way to American audiences via Netflix, he knew that everything would build toward an unforgettable confrontation between the show's two main characters. Jamie Dornan stars on the show as Paul Spector, a devoted husband and father by day and a meticulous serial killer by night.

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I pin this only because this something called "blood" is so ridiculous. I think it's understandable from me, that i expect accuracy especially in a show like this, which is all about blood. Dont get me wrong, in 95% of the cases they do it incredibly. I just think that they could have used blood instead of ps.

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