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Gillian Anderson Husband

Gillian Anderson Hannibal season 3.........Over 79,700 signatures so far... Sign the petition to save Hannibal at


I pin this only because this something called "blood" is so ridiculous. I think it's understandable from me, that i expect accuracy especially in a show like this, which is all about blood. Dont get me wrong, in 95% of the cases they do it incredibly. I just think that they could have used blood instead of ps.


David Duchovny. I`ve been a fan of X-Files and Californication and pretty much like DD no matter what he does. I like his relaxed, what you see is what you get attitude. I like his self-confidence, I like that he doesn`t really care what others think about him, he just is what he is. Very attractive. I like his tad of bad boy nature but that he keeps it in check in the bigger picture. He`s hot and he knows it. But is approachable. I like his physical features and fashion sense as…