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An Overview of the Orton-Gillingham Approach to Reading Instruction

Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning: An Overview of the Orton-Gilligham Approach to Reading Instruction

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Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning

Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning: Remediating Dyslexia with Orton Gillingham Based Reading Games

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2nd Grade Spelling Rules Practice Part 1: Orton-Gillingham Inspired

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Phonemic Anchor Charts: Orton-Gillingham Inspired Spelling Rules

After attending a conference focusing on multi-sensory education and Orton-Gillingham methods, I created these charts to assist teaching common spelling

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These are some common spelling generalizations used by beginning spellers! These are typically found in the first level of sequence when using the Orton Gillingham method. Included are: The "cat-kite" rule- spelling with c or k. The "f,l,s" (fliz) rule- doubling f, l, and s. -ck word and syllable ending -soft g and c (for spelling and reading) Feedback is appreciated!

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Rules for when to use K or C :) I always wondered!! (I'm loving learning about the Orton-Gillingham approach!)

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This video show Orton Gillingham methods for teaching reading, writing and spelling from the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education. I went to their training and my teaching was works and I highly recommend! What you see in this video is what I do in my classroom.

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Phonemic Awareness Development

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