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I found an awesome listing on etsy a few years ago. Inspiration credit where credit is due, and you should totally go buy this person’s files if you like them. I don’t know them, I’m not getting a kick back, but while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I bet they would rather have …


Printable Girl Scout Cookie Order Card // Thank by KittyOlimpix


Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairings from a Former Troop Leader

Girl Scout Cookies and wine are two of our all time favorite things, but if we're going to enjoy them together, we want to make sure we're doing it right. We got a former troop leader to give us the inside scoop on perfect pairings. Click for more details on the Girl Scout Cookie and wine pairings.


Price needs to be adjusted but good idea for the girls to have before collecting money....Girl Scout Cookie Price Sheet


Downloadable Girl Scout Cookie Sales Door Hanger - UPDATED with NEW COOKIES! Available in 3 colors

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Door Tag by KariSmythDesign. Downloadable and Printable. Polka Dot Print. For Brownies and Daisies too!


Girl Scout Cookie Shirt | Raglan | Baseball Tee | scouts | troop number | custom | green glitter by PartialPdesigns on Etsy


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Downloadable Girl Scout Cookie Sales Door Hanger - UPDATED with NEW COOKIES! Available in 3 colors

Girl Scout Cookie Sales: Polka Dot Door Hanger Downloadable file in three colors By Kari Smyth Design Help boost your sales with these leave behind door hanger. Print, cut and take them on the road. When you neighbors arent home, leave these door hangers so they can call you with their orders! :: :: This download is a door hanger is sold as is. The file is not editable. No refunds are given once you download the file. :: :: If you would like to personalize the door hanger with your troops…


Girl Scouts Word Search

Use this fun word search activity as an ice breaker for a Girl Scout meeting or as a quiet-time break while camping. It would also make a good game (who can find the most words in a set amount of time?) for a party.The list of words to search for are:Backpacking, Badges, Canoeing, Caring, Cheerful, Community, Considerate, Cookies, Courageous, Courteous, Daisies, Friendship, Handshake, Honest, Juniors, Meetings, Outdoors, Responsible, Singing, Strong, Thrifty, Uniform, WomenWe love FEEDBACK!