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Cute Nicknames for Your Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Loved

Silly and Cute Pet Names to Call Your Girlfriend

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Just For Fun

Almost peed myself..... Here yall go.. Some cute pet names @Benjamin Singleton and @Kristin Brooks


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If you call every other woman you know Dear, Honey, Baby or Sweetie, do NOT use those pet names for me. I'm not one of your herd, Darling!!!!!!

As requested by my homeslice @bogiethebulldog here are the facts, despite what @ells_______ says: 1) My mom named me Watson Charles after googling"english gentleman names" and Charles Watson came up... 2) I love redheads just like @bogiethebulldog does... Thats why my mom got me a dachshund girlfriend from a dating site called "pet finder". 3) I have successfully completed the ultimate task in #humantraining101 by convincing @ells_______ that she really wants to be a veterinarian (really…