Melody turned around to see a strange girl standing in the doorway. There was a smudge of crimson in her side from what seemed to be a wound.In her hand was a soft, dancing light. Melody gasped softly. There was a long pause. "Who are you?" Melody whispered. An eerie chill filled the air, and Melody waited for an answer. The girl shuffled uncomfortably in the doorway and looked away. Suddenly the girl spoke in a soft whisper. "Apologies. I couldn't find a candlestick." -Kelsey…

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a powerful hand, embracing, pinning another, the subtlest, sweetest sign

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I want a picture of me and my best friend from the back of us holding hands and walking in our graduation gowns!!!!!!

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A toi ma petite sœur je te fais la promesse de montrer l'exemple, de guider tes pas de t'aimer de tout mon être jusqu'à la mort.

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