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Sometimes my heart gets broken, but I always find a way to piece it back together just for it to break again. The only difference each time is that it gets harder to break after I've fixed it.


spenserstevens: Martina Matencio Hands can tell you the real truth about someone. The way they rise or fall, so often unconscious of their sadness or grace, can signal final defeat or love that hides behind a straight face or cynical smile.


I know we have found this with each other. So great to feel that comfort with each other when you are in my arms. Knowing each other, and only getting to know each other more as we get to our someday. We will be a prefect team, perfect couple.

3 sweet! Flavour's two girls kiss each other (photos) -

The pain was the worst at night, when all of my thoughts were him. Nights where we would lay silently in one of our rooms just being there with each other. Deep night conversations about how much we needed each other. Parties where we were either to drunk or high to focus on anything but each other.