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A Guide to Looking Great in Glasses

"I look stupid in these," I say, touching Stephan's glasses that are on my nose. "You look beautiful," he says grabbing my hand that was touching them. I hold a glance at him that says "Tell me the truth. " "Ok look like a cute librarian." I shove him and smile.

There is something with glasses and girls they are so cute in them and yeah I am kind of in love with a girl that have glasses and she is so beautiful but don't think she likes me like I love her


12 Amaze Makeup Hacks that'll Change Every Girl Who Wears Glasses' Life

But while wearing lenses is simply an added bonus to anyone’s overall aesthetic, the struggle of being a glasses-wearer is still pretty real. One of those issues? Taking the time to put on makeup and then having it suddenly disappear behind your frames. SO. ANNOYING! But never fear — as per youge, our ever-trusty hacks are here to save the day!