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What Tumblr Girl Are You?

"Heyo I'm Musi. I'm 19, single and straight. I like to skateboard, I also like to dance and sing. I like to listen to the new hit songs."

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Crazy (But Effective) Hot Weather Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

"Modesty isn't about concealing your body; its about revealing your dignity".~Jason Evert. Love this outfit!!

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Os maiores sucessos da Moda Anos 90 em fotos originais da década

hey, my name is Alice Rhodes, I am 18 and in the muddle class group, I don't mind though, there are alot of nice people here and I get to meet a few of the lower class people, I love to sing draw and swim. if yiu want we can talk sometimes

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My name is Nat, I live in the vault and I run training. I'm silent and I don't like going to do things out of my comfort zone, however, I can fight pretty well.

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Stuff To Post On Your Wall: 10 Unfortunate Memes Kristen Stewart Kinda Set Herself Up For

(Hannah's new fc is Kristen Stewart and she's like 15) "Um hey guys"

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Wedgie Shorts

Spia WhatsApp, Chiamate, Conversazioni e Facebook su More

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40 Fun Outfits For Girls to Try

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A Collection of 30 Best Glitter Makeup Tutorials and Ideas for 2014

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Top 10 Timeless Beauty Rules And Tips

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